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Saturday's @ 8a ET and Sunday's @ 10p ET

Situated in the heartland of America, right between the majestic rows of cornfields and the modest midwestern cityscape of Indianapolis, stands The Beat Lab. Many folks pass by The Beat Lab everyday wondering what kind of magic is being conjured up within it’s walls. The subtle hint of pulsating rhythms and the faint touch of heart-warming, soul-grooving bass causes them to instinctively tap their toes and get in touch with their inner funky being from a moderate distance. Luckily for these curious folks and the rest of the world, The Beat Lab has decided to bring this magic to the airwaves. Tune into ‘The Beat Lab Experience’ Saturday's at 8 am ET and Sunday's at 10p ET on KARL Radio to hear a great mix of old and new songs spanning across various genres such as rock, funk, and electronic just to name a few. We like to play tunes that we frequently jam out to here in the Lab, including some of our very own home-grown numbers!

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